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Sisters In Christ Worldwide

"There is no special place to meet with God, but some places are more special than others. The wooden table placed almost at the center of my work space, deliberately facing the window, is my perfect spot. He meets with me there each morning, almost as if we have an appointment. He communes with me, and as He speaks I feel compelled to write." 

IN HIS PRESENCE gives you more of Gillian's devotionals, born out of those special times with God. It will transfer the same warmth, peace, hope, and comfort she experiences when God comes. I pray that as you read you too will be brought In His Presence. 

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Be ushered into the blanket of God's presence with "IN HIS PRESENCE" a daily devotional that will bring you closer to God and help you stay in constant fellowship with Him.


"This devotion is a great way to start your day. In His Presence is filled with warm, daily, relevant encouragement that is timeless in this unstable world in which we live today. Gillian's reminders of His amazing grace and mercy are throughout as she gives many scripture references to be pondered. I haven't gotten through the entire book yet, but am loving what I've read thus far. Gillian, thank you for putting this devotion together. I would gladly recommend this devotion to a friend." S. Martin (Amazon Review)

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As we go through our day let us be comforted in this fact. As the cares of the world seem to overwhelm you remember this blessed hope - Our great God and Savior Jesus Christ is coming back for us.

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