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Sisters In Christ Worldwide

Healing Through Forgiveness


From the View of A Specialist

“Father, forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing.” Jesus Christ hung bleeding on a cross, having been beaten by Roman soldiers. Imagine, for a moment, the force of a lash in the hand of a well built, well trained soldier. Imagine the whip taking out the flesh of The Master as it landed on His back. They spat on Him, drove nails in His hands and feet, a sword in His side and fed Him vinegar. Yet, His cry was, “Forgive them.” If Jesus Christ did not forgive on the cross, we would all be enslaved today – by sin. If Jesus Christ did not forgive His mockers, beaters, and those that crucified Him, there would be no hope for you and me. On forgiveness hinges your entire salvation. Jesus, a specialist in forgiveness, has every right to speak on the topic. He says, “Forgive seventy times seven, and if you don’t, God, the Father will not forgive you.” 

This was the hard lesson I had to learn as I struggled to forgive those who wronged me. Those I thought should be protecting me, yet were the very ones who broke my heart. This is the lesson I still have to learn every day as I face daily choices of whether to forgive, or not to forgive. Every person born on this earth will be faced with this choice. Since every man will, at some point, be hurt, or offended by another, the sin of unforgiveness is a struggle for every human being. This is what makes it so dangerous. How you handle forgiveness determines whether you are bound, or freed from the shackles of sin. According to the Jesus, The Specialist, if you do not forgive others, God, the Father, will not forgive you. You can remove mountains with mustard seed faith, Jesus says, but when you stand praying you must forgive. 

Could unforgiveness be the reason for your hindered prayers? Jesus forgives us over and over, even when He knows we will hurt Him again. If you have ever been hurt, it is time to stop and examine yourself. Have I truly forgiven, do I forgive as Jesus do and instructs? The Specialist hung hurt and bleeding, yet pleaded not for Himself, but for those who were hurting Him, “Father, please forgive them.” 

Can you pray for those who persecute you, pushing aside the pain and recognizing how much they need the Father’s love? Can you put, in your time of agony, their needs above your own? If you cannot do this, perhaps you are in fact not free. “Forgive us our trespasses AS we forgive those who trespass against us.” In this line hangs your freedom. You are saying to the Father, forgive me just AS I forgive those who wrong me. Have you discarded the person who wronged you?...forgive me AS I forgive. Have you said, I will never forget what he did to me?...forgive me AS I forgive. Do you despise the one who hurt you?...forgive me AS I forgive. Do you say, I have forgiven but I want nothing to do with that person ever?...forgive me AS I forgive. Salvation demanded that Christ forgave...Freedom from sin demands that you forgive. No man can forgive freely without the help of the Specialist. Jesus is there to help you. Pay Him a visit today and be free! 

When I first started in ministry, I was startled by the amount of people who were ill. So great was my distress that I decided to write about the healing power of Jesus. A lot of these sicknesses stemmed from emotional issues. As I looked closer at unforgiveness, I could not help but wonder if many people would not be made whole if they forgive. Studies show that anger and bitterness caused by unforgiveness can affect your health. Anger and bitterness can throw your body in a state of stress. Some studies believe that even blood flow to your heart and joint can be restricted by this tension. Your breathing can become difficult, and your immune system can become impaired. Of course, you might guess that your unforgiving heart can lead to heart attack and many other chronic illnesses. The researches have turned up lists of diseases that are the result of unforgiveness. You can do a research yourself into this. The point I am trying to make is unforgiveness can ruin even your physical body. We need to carefully assess our hearts. This dangerous sin can cause death. Not only to your body, but also to your spirit. I suggest to you that you cannot live by faith or in abundance if you have not forgiven-Excerpt from Bound by Unforgiveness (You can break free).

SIDE NOTE: I have long concluded that unforgiveness brings about ill health. It is not only my conclusion based on observation in years of ministry, and my own experience, but it is a scientific fact. A lot of anxiety, depression, and other physical conditions stem from buried, hidden, or even blatant unforgiveness. You can achieve healing through forgiveness. I will be hosting online support and teaching sessions on Healing Through Forgiveness. Look out for more information.

Forgiveness is Selfless

Forgiving is one of the most selfless thing you will ever do. It is because of your obedience that you are made free. While this may be beneficial to you, it is by no means the reason for forgiveness.

Forgiveness is an attribute of love and an act of obedience that gives pardon to the forgiven. It involves mercy and grace, and both are unmerited. Therefore, forgiveness is NOT for you.

Your willingness to forgive (in obedience) transforms the state of your heart from bitterness to love, and the state of your mind to understanding and peace. It is your willingness and obedience that transforms you. It is not the act of forgiveness that frees you, but rather it is freedom that gives you the ability to act. Out of the abundance of love, grace, and mercy of a transformed individual comes true forgiveness, which is solely for the pardoning (acquittal, release) of the forgiven, and therefore benefits him.

In the matter of the unaware, or deceased forgiven, pardon is still shown from a heart set free, as pardon dictates that you now see the individual as guiltless, blameless, and free from responsibility.

Gillian Henriques

Like nothing you have ever read before! Bound by Unforgiveness will uncover hidden dangers of a hurt and broken heart, and set you free from anger and unforgiveness. A must have!

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This is a must-read for anyone and everyone! Gillian Henriques identifies and exemplifies what "unforgiveness" does to individuals. She succinctly explains why unforgiveness is a sin - and why those who are bound by unforgiveness should expect to receive the same treatment by the Father. She explains this by using scripture passages and the parable of a master who forgave his servant, only to find out later that the servant refused to forgive his subordinate. This infuriated the master - who represents God. I started reading this on a plane ride - and found it difficult to put the book down. The book did what spiritual and inspiration books should do - it inspired me to make changes in my own life. Fortunately, the author details exactly how I can make those changes through a simple process - and that simple thing called love. She references scriptures perfectly throughout the book to illustrate many strong lessons - and to highlight the danger of unforgiveness. I absolutely loved this book - and recommend to all- Stephanie Thomason