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Article Archive

Article Archive

Time Waits Not

Posted on 14 July, 2014 at 11:25

Time Waits Not


Being in God's presence during morning devotions or worship time can leave us feeling empowered and ready to tackle our next challenge.We've seen and/or heard that saying that tells us to be the kind of woman that when our feet hit the floor each morning, Satan says, "Uh-oh, she's up!" Unfortunately, we don't always wake up feeling that way. Our Bible study might feel stale and shallow, and we may feel frustrated in our efforts to serve God.


I've been struggling to get up in the morning for the past few days. I'm a night owl and also a morning person; you can see the problem here, I'm sure. The problem these days is the heat, though. I've had trouble sleeping and feel exhausted by morning. A lack of sleep (and other worries) can be the culprit for a less than stellar day. I didn't wake up wondering who in the world I could bless; I didn't wake up singing God praises; I didn't spend as much time with the kids as I would have liked. I stretched the house cleaning time way too long and gave God and family what seemed to be left over crumbs of myself. Not much of a threat, this Christian woman, right? "Satan need not worry when my feet hit the floor," I thought. "Tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a better day. I better shape up."


In reality, we're all aware tomorrow may never come. Yet we count on it and use it as an excuse to not do something today. We can become guilty of the very thing we lecture our own children about: making excuses and procrastinating. Yet, time waits not.


The boldness of Christ's apostles is admirable, but it shouldn't be foreign to us believers. We can be bold and see the urgency in making the most of our time as they did, making the Gospel known, and beginning in our own homes.


I, for one, am glad the Apostle Paul's boldness didn't depend on his circumstances. We wouldn't have all those wonderful letters that make up a significant part of the Bible! He continued in his mission to make Jesus known. His imprisonment didn't stop him.


What's stopping us?


Did we skip mealtime prayer? Do we care? Think once or twice won't matter? A busy schedule, whether we're dragging through the day or not, is not an excuse to not model gratitude toward God. It goes beyond our personal comfort; we are teaching our children something. Every waking moment in their presence is an opportunity to do so.

Time waits not. The "once or twice" will turn into days and weeks, and before we know it, our children's Bible study- outside of the church walls- is practically nonexistent. Slowly, yet steadily, we're getting somewhere; may it be closer to the Lord. In regards to our family's devotion to God, we do have a choice. One day the kids will be grown and on their own, and we won't have the same control we do now in their lives.


Be bold in the influence God has given you right now. Don't compromise with laziness, fatigue, or indifference.


What is boldness? Like a lot of other things in life, it can mean something different to different people. Being bold might mean:


  • Praying with our spouse.
  • Waking up earlier to spend private time with God.
  • Offering to pray with someone, even if it's in public.
  • Beginning your ministry outside of your home.
  • Standing firm, and not compromising in your faith, even if it means standing alone.
  • Sharing the Gospel, at the risk of being portrayed as a "fanatic."
  • Allowing our children to see us praying (I prefer private prayer, so I struggle with this).
  • Expressing concern - in love - to someone that may be following ungodly footsteps.
  • Looking for a different church, if we notice any significant unbiblical practices or teachings.
  • Opening our homes for a Bible study group and fellowship.
  • It would be wise for us to have a family meeting of some sort and establish ground rules for godly living, in and outside of the home. We can hold each other accountable and encourage each other to stay within God's set boundaries.




We can show our children what godly submission to our husbands means by not disrespecting them, and allowing them to make final decisions that are aligned with God's Word. We mustn't be afraid of the word, "submission." It doesn't speak of inferiority, but of love and respect of God's established family roles.


Eve's role as Adam's helper was not exclusive to procreation; it was for a lifestyle of partnership in honoring God through family and work. It is serious business to run a godly home and we have neither room, nor time for slacking. Only grace, praise God. Let's run our homes with purpose.


Do something bold today. Our faith, our reason to rejoice at the hope we have in Christ, should be enough motivation. You may hesitate; you may fear. Be bold anyway. What does that mean to you?


Will you begin family devotion/worship time?

Will you begin a new ministry adventure?

Will you put yourself second to live out God's plan for you?


As the day begins with us, we must realize it might end without us. Let us make good use of it. We must decide to be bold in our faith and with those gifts God gave us - the things that we are passionate about, such as talents, time, and resources. Time waits not.




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